martin luke brown
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“ MLB is a UK based songwriter/producer with a knack for writing intricate, clever songs.

Having only recently made the switch from artist to writer, he has already amassed over 50 million career streams with songs cut throughout Europe, the US and Asia. Recent cuts have included singles with Jacob Banks, Gavin James, JONES, Sody and perhaps unexpectedly, track 4 on Korean behemoth boyband BTS’s album which broke records and topped the US Billboard charts.

2019 promises to be an exciting year for the multi-instrumentalist, with MLB in the early stages of a new collaborative artist project. “

As is often the way with songwriters, there can be a long wait before music is released by an artist. Until a release has happened however, the music must remain private for the artist’s sake. If you would like to hear a more extensive showreel including upcoming and scheduled releases, please get in touch via the contact tab.